Thursday, January 26, 2012

Peter Pan Hat PDF

I am finally getting around to posting the PDF pattern for the hat that I made for P's Peter Pan Halloween costume. I made the pattern "from scratch" so only for personal use, thank you! This could easily be used for a Robin Hood, medieval archer, elf, or brownie costume as well, use your imagination! I think dress-up is so fun for little guys. I can't wait until P understands! I have great plans for the best dress-up box in the history of the WORLD... (cue maniacal laughter) keeps them busy and thinking and creative and playing actively, which is awesome.

Click on the picture above to download or print.
**NOTE**: On the pattern I typed "Pin WRONG side of brim to wrong side of hat." It should be "Pin RIGHT side of brim to wrong side of hat" so that when you flip the brim to the outside all seams are hidden. My apologies! I'll change that on the pattern when I get a chance. 

Because of the shape of this hat, I think you could probably use it for any child from 1 year to 3 or 4 years old. Just measure first and add a little extra fabric if you need to. For best results, make this hat out of felt.

P.S. If you make this I would love to see how it goes! Leave some comments or send pics!

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  1. Funny--I just made a Captain Hook hat and was going to write up directions... I made the exact same mistake where I pinned the brim to the wrong side! It's confusing.