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I'm Chelsea! I have an amazing husband, W, and the sweetest two babies in the world, Baby P (2 1/2) and Baby V (4 months). Being a Mama is hands down, the hardest job I've ever had. It tests me in ways I couldn't have imagined, teaches me to be less selfish, to get my priorities straight, not to stress over a little dirt, and to laugh over things that threaten to make me cry. 

I am a singer and choral conductor by trade. It's amazing to me that something I love and enjoy so much can lead to a job! I have directed choirs at colleges, high schools and churches for the past 5 years- also teaching a smattering of music appreciation and lots of voice lessons.  

Right now, I stay home with our little guy so I am a sewist by hobby. I learned to sew while doing a summer musical almost 9 years ago (eek :), I got to live with one of the fabulous costumers and she taught me the basics. Everything else I've learned by lots of trial and error, from a few fantastic sewing blogs out there and by burying my nose in the books!

Here are a few random things about me:
-I am a fervent, Gilmore Girls fan. When I say fervent, I mean I own all the seasons, I'm embarassed to admit the number of times I've watched them, I can quote it like nobody's business, I would challenge anyone, anywhere to Gilmore Girls Trivia, and I have a Gilmore Girls anecdote for almost any real life incident (although I generally keep these to myself).
-I sew with a Pfaff Expression 2.0 and I love it! Bernina can kiss my Integrated Differential Feed.

-My top five favorite foods include Popcorn, chicken noodle soup, Lindt 70% cocoa dark chocolate and Julia Child's Beef Bourgignon. 
-I re-read books over and over. The most read volumes in my library are Pride and Prejudice, Mara Daughter of the Nile, and Jane Eyre.

-I have a secret longing to dress up in Regency era clothing and go to a Jane Austen convention.

-I hate when people touch me or lean on me when I'm eating. This affords my husband much amusement.

-A few items on my to do list are:
      1) Learn to make perfect French macaroons.
      2) Spend more time writing and arranging music.
      3) Do a juice fast for a day without breaking down and eating half a bag of chili cheese fritos.
      4) Learn HTML.

When I started blogging, I focused mostly on sewing and called my brand/blog sewBOLD. I still sew a lot and will include some of that here, but my life has gotten so much busier and more full that I'm going to include other things as well. Things about being a Mama, training toddlers, learning to be like Jesus, yummy food and anything else going on in my life! If you're here, thanks for reading!

Contact me at stayingsteyn(at)gmail(dot)com

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  1. Thank you chelsea for your blog. I will pass on to my daughters in law who also have young children re the patterns etc.I found your blog as I was trying to find out how to put pdf's in my blog.Your post on this did the trick.I am now working on adding pdf's to my blog in the near future.My man topics are photography,Christianity and sport.Thanks again and keep up the good work.