Wednesday, June 27, 2012


My husband pulled in late Sunday night with a U-Haul full of things that I thought we needed but now I'm not so sure. You know how that is? Packing and unpacking really make you re-think what you need to live...for me unpacking is the worst. Maybe we should have just sent the whole "kit and kaboodle" to Goodwill. (Tangent: Whatever happened to Kaboodles?)

This is going to be P's bed and playroom, right now it's just the overflow of everything we don't have a place for yet. I've pinned some great inspiration photos on Pinterest, mixed in with a few other home ideas and some nursery pics. The color I picked out for the walls is gray with some blue undertones, I love it!

Empty moving truck: Check! Watermelon break: Check!

My sewing machine is sitting neglected on our kitchen table beside plastic boxes full of fabric just yearning to be shaped into something great!! Soon...I'll be back!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Stuff

I don't know about you, but once we hit June, it really felt like summer. 

Giant hot dogs and french fries

Mama making you pose for pictures

Turning two

Cupcakes and Thomas the Train

Playing in creeks 

Fruit snacks and bonding with best buds

Swimming and saggy diapers and neon pink nail polish

Golf carts and getting spoiled by the fam

Boating and sunglasses

Lifejackets and sun-bleached baby hair

First swim in the lake

Getting worn out in the sun 

First time standing up on water skis

Miniature baby turtles

Being utterly fascinated, yet utterly frightened by miniature baby turtles

And lots more summer still to go... 

Maternity Shorts

As I've mentioned once or twice (and as is evidenced by my pinterest boards), I love these cute lace shorts that are everywhere right now. Well, obviously, I'm not wearing anything 'non-maternity' this summer and maternity wear is shockingly limited (with a few expensive exceptions). So, I decided to make a pair.

You need:
A pair of shorts to use as a pattern (or a pattern for shorts)
1 or 2 yards of fabric (I used lace so I lined it with muslin)
1/2 yd of poly interlock or other stretchy fabric to make the belly panel 
Matching thread, sewing machine, scissors, etc...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Swim Time!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, perfect for the pool...then I remembered that P doesn't have a pair of swim trunks. He outgrew everything last year. During nap time, I sat down at the machine and whipped up a pair from a pattern I had drawn up about a month ago (traced from Target, Circo brand shorts). I've had shorts for P on my project list for a while now.

These are made out of a cotton/poly blend from Hancock's, love this fabric. It's kind of water repellent, stretchy and non-wrinkly. I did a simple casing with wide elastic then I quarter pinned, stretched out the elastic and sewed a few more rows of stitches to give it that waist band look and keep the elastic from flipping over. That's the worst!

Label in the back, plaid matches up (woot-woot). 

Flat felled seams on the sides for durability and cute factor...

Faux fly and button closure.

Little man who is never still... we are ready for the pool.