Thursday, August 30, 2012

Boys and Boots

We went to the lake last weekend with some of our close friends. They have a little man a few months older than P, and these two boys are good buddies. That doesn't mean they don't scream at each other and grab toys and rocks and food out of each other's hands, cuz they do. We had a fun trip, very relaxing--even though none of us got quite enough sleep and the refrigerator/freezer went out while we were there. Nothing some coolers and a lot of ice (with beer on it) couldn't remedy! 

The boys thought it was great fun to knock heads with W and see his reaction.

Here I am with a very sleepy, P. You can sort of see how giant I am, P has to sit alongside my huge belly now.

Swimming feels great when you're pregnant. The wake up call comes when you start to climb the ladder out of the water, and you feel heavier and more clumsy with every step. I'm holding the life jacket down because I can only buckle into the men's extra-large now... in retrospect, maybe that should have been my wake-up call.

I made a baby boot this week. Yes, a single baby boot. I'm trying to get motivated to make the second one, but it's so warm here right now that it doesn't really seem necessary. I think it's cute! I also want to make some in a funkier color. How adorable would these be with little jeans and a plaid shirt or something?!

The pattern is from a shop that I like on Etsy called Two Girls Patterns. This is the second baby shoe pattern that I've bought from them. I like that they carry boy things too, although their little slippers and things for girls are darling. The patterns have great photos and if you've crocheted before, they should be easy for you to follow.  It's sort of hard to see them in my photos, but there are straight and braided cables up the sides (check out Two Girls pic below). So cute and fall-ish.

I love the gray and yellow, hopefully my second pair will look as great as those! Either way, these will keep chunky, baby feet all warm and cozy.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just Livin' Life

So for my blog, I usually share sewing projects and crafts and such--mixed in with a little bit of "being a mama." A friend, who shall remain nameless, recently asked me to post more about life and what's going on with the fam. A really good idea since I'm giant and I haven't been physically able lately to crawl around on the floor and cut out pattern pieces, but life is definitely moving on!

Here's P getting to know one of his newest buddies. He calls him "Wee-oh." That is not his name.

P was super sweet with the little man, he even shared one of his favorite toys, a solid metal tractor. Did I mention that he chucked it across the room  at  to him? No? Well...

Still, it gives me hope that when new baby gets here, P will be gentle and much as 2 year olds are able. Laying down beside rather than stepping upon a small baby is a great starting point!

My poor Dad (who has never been injured a day in his life) tore something in or around his achilles tendon. This meant a small operation, cast, boot, elevated leg, crutches, a scooter to keep him from weight bearing and my Mom's presence to keep him from doing things like re-shingling the roof while recuperating. We were all able to go out on the boat for a while this weekend. In this photo, P had just been instructing Grampa to "Share" the steering wheel... at least he gets the concept.

We've done a good bit of swimming this summer, it's fun to see P getting more comfortable in the water. He will even put his face partly underwater and blow bubbles!

This is possibly one of my favorite pictures of the year! The cousins together and all smiling, seems too good to be true!

One of my other favorite things: P learning to talk. He's very literal.

Duck=Quack (Photo below is P with his new friend 'Quack,' whom my Mom found at an antique store. He weighs about 20 pounds and has a brass beak. Cuddly.)

Monkey=Ooh Ah Ah

Horse=Neigh (This one sounds particularly realistic.)


Swings/Slides= Wee!

Car=Ride (He calls my car "Mama Ride," my husband wants to get me a personalized license plate. I said no.)

I love you/Where are you? = "Ah wah oo!"/"Ah wah oo?" (yes, they are the same)

Fork/Frog: F***

"No barking, Leo."= "No bahkin', Wee-oh!" (He's never heard me say this.)

That's enough for now! Hope you're having a good day!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Knitathon: Chevron Baby Blanket

I finally finished my chevron blanket for the new baby! It actually didn't take that long to knit, but I was scared of binding off so it sat around with one row missing for about 2 months. This fear turned out to be totally unfounded, binding off was a snap!

AND!! I love it! The cotton feels so thick and luxurious.

The colors are so vibrant, especially with the combo of cool colors and warm's got a little ombre thing going, I think :)

Does this remind anyone else of a sunrise? With the bright orange sun peeking over a serene ocean of blues with white capped waves...

Ok, ok, I'll stop. But really, learn to knit and go make this blanket. You, your baby or the recipient (if you make it for a gift) will be thrilled with the results! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Just wanted to pop in and tell you what I've been up to! I'm feeling very blessed to be 33 weeks along today and not in the hospital! My first baby was born at 33 weeks after 8 weeks of full bedrest in the hospital. I thank the Lord every day for my friends and family and many prayers that helped us get through that long, difficult time. Still, I've had to take it very easy the past few days and the sewing has been on hold. I am, however, doing some fun planning and online shopping to get rooms for the baby and big brother squared away. I'm focusing on P's room (that's big brother) first since I'm re-using a lot of my nursery stuff. I bought 6 yards of fabric (Woot woot) in some great colors and prints, with plans for a twin sized blanket and for accent piping/edging for sheets and curtains. Here's one of the fabrics that I ordered from Etsy. Is anyone NOT obsessed with bunting and woodland creatures these days?! I love the grays and orangey reds.

This rug for P's room came yesterday:

Love, love! If you're interested, it came from HERE. I will tell you it looks a little darker gray in real life and since it's woven cotton definitely order a thick rug pad (not just a no-slip deal). I suggest for things of that nature, much cheaper and really great shipping prices. I was really luck and the delivery man brought both at once! 

I'll be back soon with some photos of the real thing and hopefully some tutorials on making purchased items like plain sheets and curtains really unique and personalized.'s plans and my plans don't always line up. Isn't that how life goes? Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Come Visit...

I shared a few weeks ago that I would be guest posting for Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy and Melly Sews for their "Sew in Tune" series. It's been really fun to see what all these creative Mamas have come up with so far and great to get some new ideas for boy projects. If you haven't already been following, take a look! My post is going up over at Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy this morning! Check it out, P and I had a lot of fun with this...there may even be a super simple, summer recipe involved.