Friday, September 24, 2010

Bathroom Redo

My bathroom has been in need of a paint job and some freshening up for a while now. I liked the bold colors a few years ago, but I've started liking neutrals on walls. Rooms look so much bigger, more fresh and clean with a nice bright neutral on the walls.

So over a few episodes of Gilmore Girls (I like to watch and listen while I work) and in between feeding the baby...putting him to sleep...etc... I brushed and rolled and made-over my bathroom.

Surprisingly it only took two thin coats of that lovely taupy, grey to cover the red and chartreuse. I kept the brown shower curtain, shade and towels and found a new rug at Bed, Bath and Beyond on clearance. It is bigger than the rug I used to have and while still a neutral, it has threads of navy, blue/grey and teal as well. I'm going to look for some light teal towels sometime and make some kind of wall art that brings in the teal as well. I'll post it when I'm finished. I also added a plant, I love houseplants to brighten things up and they just seem fresh and clean to me. I'm looking for a rectangular planter-in a blue or brown shade. Overall, I like it and am so happy to have a more inviting room!

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