Friday, December 16, 2011

Lots of sewing

So I've been doing some sewing, making a few gifts (although blogging about them seems like a bad idea since a few of the recipients might get a sneak peek). Here are some safe ones. Christmas morning PJ's for Baby P. When I was growing up we always had special Christmas pajamas. It was a fun tradition. I had a pattern in mind so I just sketched out the pieces using some of P's clothes as size reference and came up with this.

It's made out of a soft flannel. They are so cute on. When my husband, W saw them, he said "They're so old fashioned, you should add one of those flaps on the back." He was referring to the kind of flap in old-fashioned, cowboy long-johns... hmm

He likes them! This was the "squat test." Anything for a toddler has to have enough give so that they can squat easily :)

Here are the Christmas overalls I just finished up for someone on Etsy, I found a lady here in New Orleans who does monogramming in her home. I think she did a great job! I want to monogram some of P's clothes now.

I am super excited this year because I have a little lady to sew for for the first time! She's only 7 months old so I know she's not surfing the web. Here's what she's getting. Spoiler alert for her mama :).

It's a photo book like P's but I've learned a few things from the first round. I got much better plastic to cover the pics and I got to use girly patterns!! FUN!

This little lady is also getting some Christmas pajamas, I got to pick out sparkly buttons and use ric rac. You can't use ric rac on boys, this was a treat.

These three little ones are going to look super cute together on Christmas Eve! Remember the Santa Suit for my nephew, HERE.

Last thing! Since we aren't going out of town for Christmas, we didn't do a tree and lots of decor. I decided to do something super easy but festive for the door. I cut out lots of felt circles, stacked them in groups of three and sewed down the middle (one pile after another) to make a garland.

I've seen lots of easy felt garlands like this, but I thought using several layers of felt would give it a little dimension, they kind of "flare" out. Fun and easy!

Merry Christmas!

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