Monday, April 16, 2012

Two weeks...

It's been two weeks since last I blogged.

I started to write a poem here explaining where I've been, but it was ridiculous and included the word 'snogged,' so I quickly backspaced, hopefully saving myself a little embarrassment and am now moving forward with life.

We've had visitors the past two weekends, over Easter (which was glorious and joyful, hope yours was too!) and this past weekend as well. We ate out many times, ate lots of bacon and seafood, walked around the French Quarter, visited an aquarium (to see Nemo who we call "Memo" in our house) and just had a generally good time with friends and family.

P wore a bubble romper for was one of those projects that I felt would never end. I tore out so many stitches and resized so many times that I just wanted to dump it in the trash and start over. You know how that is? I made the 18-24 month size but it would have fit a fifteen year old so I had to cut out some width on the sides and fix that, then I forgot that there was supposed to be elastic under the arms, then I realized they were a little too long for the bubbly shape that I really wanted, the bubble sort of droops into a skirt...whatevs...Mama can't sew in the car on the way to church, eventually it's time to get dressed, and you've got to wear something. None of the other kids in the nursery were pointing and laughing, although Papa did enough of that for everybody. I used green and white seersucker with navy buttons and used navy embroidery thread to do a chunky running stitch around the top. I like the colors with his little navy sandals. Fortunately this will fit him better in a few months and then they'll be just right...he's only two so he should be able to wear them for about 13 more years, right?

Grammy sent a bubble gun for Easter, that's been a huge hit for both of us. I don't have the lung capacity to blow bubbles for hours and P loves bubbles.

Check out these rompers I finished last week for a customer. She ordered matching ones for her two boys. I love them and want to make some for July 4th! I'd love for P and my husband to match. Do you think I could get a pattern in a men's size medium?

Who's laughing now, Papa?!


  1. P looks adorable here, I would not have laughed! But now all I really want to read is that poem. Post it please!! :)

  2. Yes please post the poem and a pic of Papa wearing the romper!