Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The last few weeks

Well...I'm still pregnant.

Humongously so...and it's no joke. 38 weeks today. Pray for me.

Since I haven't updated in a while, here are a few things:

Labor Day weekend was a lot of fun. The high school/college girls group got together at Say-Say's farm to celebrate Ashley's birthday and eat ridiculous amounts of food. We stayed up late, laughed a lot, played cards and SOMEONE locked the keys in two different cars at two different times...but you've got to cut a girl some slack on her birthday.

B and C showing off the birthday hats!

Say-Say brought these gorgeous cupcakes from the Bonbonnerie in Cinci. There was one with chocolate mouse and salted caramel that was to die for. She also picked up a couple on sale, those were just ok ;).

(In case you were wondering, we did finish off that entire 9 x 13 of bean dip and a half gallon of guacamole, not to mention a large batch of Pioneer Woman petite vanilla scones.) 

The gals...sans makeup and showers...but that's the way we roll at the farm. 

My baby brother, Jack, turned 18. Crazy! P was all over that birthday cake.

Here I am at the hospital! Don't get too excited. I went in last week because little baby was stubbornly hanging out in breech position. The plan was to turn the baby around and give me a chance to go into labor. So I got there bright and early, got an IV started (in case of emergency), dressed in this lovely robe, and when they rolled in the ultrasound to check baby's position...the little stinker was already head down. Good for him and the practice IV? Everyone had a good laugh and I went home to wait...and wait...

 I've been sewing a pretty fun project, I'll be back with it tomorrow!


  1. Love the Bday pics from the farm! And I'm probably just looking at myself there, but thats def not our best group photo...I think we need a re-do in November haha :)

  2. Looks like tons of fun and those cupcakes look delicious! btw: I am a new follower! I found you thru a google search for pdf docs, lol. I have a fashion blog but just started a sewing blog if you'd like to check it out. I'm a fashion design student who also loves to sew. Oh and I'm preggers too! Only 12 wks, but very excited:) Your tummy looks so darn cute preggers! love that first pic. Anyways, hope to see you around my new blog. ttyl!

    Reyna (new blog)

  3. 27 going on 7! No other way I would have wanted to spend my birthday :) Minus the incident, "She did it again!"
    Thank you for making us all that delish food!
    Love you all so much!