Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

I'm not one for grand resolutions at New Year's, but there's something about starting a New Year with little ones (especially an almost 3 year old, what?!?) that makes me want to set some goals. Life flies by so fast that it makes sense to have a few specific things that you want or need to accomplish before it's too late. Here are a few of mine in no specific order:

1) Potty Train P (He will be three in June so that's the deadline! I will most definitely have some funny anecdotes coming with this process. He's a stubborn one and very verbal about it.)

2) Find a replacement program for Picnik. Seriously my poor blog has suffered like crazy since Google bought Picnik and took away my access to the free, easy, photo-editing world. I have tried lots of other things and it's all just blegh.

3) Speaking of the blog, I want to keep it up more regularly like I did last year (and before baby was born) but am considering a new blog name that includes more aspects of my life--not just the sewing/crafting part--because there is so much more going on right now!

4) Teach my child some skillz. We are setting aside 30 minutes to an hour every morning to draw, memorize, look at maps, count, learn letters, sit still, etc... every day. It's been good so far and something that both I and P enjoy, it's good for us to have some one-on-one while V is sleeping.

5) Work out! I got an elliptical machine for Christmas so that's also part of the daily routine, so nice to be able to work out at home. It's definitely the easiest way to consistently exercise with kiddos.

6) Be more consistent and intentional about studying scripture, add memorization to my routine.

7) Keep my tone of voice kind no matter what the scenario, with friends, husband and little ones.

8) Projects: Re-vamp the first floor bath, paint and fix up my bedroom, pare down and fill in gaps in my wardrobe, make a lap quilt, work on summer/spring clothes for P, start some musical projects (arranging or writing or something).

9) Work on being positive. Negativity and criticism goes a long way (not a good thing) and can be so poisonous and contagious--it's easy to get in the habit of being negative in conversation and about life in general. I want to be infectiously positive (my friend Caris is like that!).

Happy New Year! Have fun everybody!

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  1. Great list. Your last one (being positive) is also one of mine! Jealous of your elliptical!

    Oh, and I def second your resolution to blog more! yay!