Tuesday, February 25, 2014


It's been a frozen winter...weeks of snow and ice and subzero temperatures. Thanks, Disney, for predicting the worst and producing a movie and soundtrack to get us through... I think everyone has had an "Olaf" or two this year.

While I am not thrilled with all the time indoors, I have put it to good use. You may notice a bit of a theme here, an obsession with staying warm, perhaps?)

1) A twin sized quilt. Love it! I made it to match the one already on P's bed (the last photo below). In the next few months we will set up another bed in his room for V, but I know when the great weather sets in I won't be motivated to spend it inside piecing and quilting! I used the same pattern (Dot Party from Jaybird Quilts) but I added more prints (more gray and navy, less red) and quilted it a bit differently--horizontally and vertically on each side of every seam then diagonally across the squares.

2) A baby afghan (can't show it yet because it's a gift), I used Purl Bee's great tutorial HERE like the one I made for baby V two years ago. How can it be two years!?!

3) A baby quilt (again, gift, but I will show pics soon). I absolutely love it, I got to use all my favorite scraps and it's my first attempt at piecing very small triangles. It was so much fun and I think it will be much loved! Here's a peek at the back :) Lots of pressing seams open, but it's worth it!

4) Half of a crocheted throw, a knock off Hudson Bay blanket. I love the boyish/campground feel, but they are soo expensive! The pic below is from Purl Bee, my version is similar, but larger and I'm crocheting and using worsted weight cotton.

I also have a little list of projects in mind for the next few months: 

1) Get ready! Pirate Costumes. My Peter Pan Costume Tutorial is pretty popular (about 900 views per month). I think it's time for another costume! P, at three and a half, is much more interested in dressing up and imaginative play. That's very fun for me and I want to encourage the creativity!

2) Spring/Summer clothes for the boys. Shorts/overalls, etc...

3) Applique T's. They're everywhere and it's so simple and inexpensive to embellish a T. Check these out HERE and HERE and HERE.


  1. Chelsea, you are amazing! I read a lot about projects and order a lot of materials, but I can't seem to complete anything! These are such sweet gifts and labors of love. We should have an appliqué night--I don't doubt that you can recreate one of Boden's awesome t-shirts!

  2. Your pics are amazing! Can you make me one of those quilts? ;) So cute.