Friday, January 14, 2011

This is a real catfish...

Over the Christmas holiday, Baby P and W and I went to the lake. It was great and so relaxing! I read tons of books in front of the fire, played with P, drank coffee, ate scones, ate cookies, ate cheese get the idea. W went fishing everyday and caught some monsters when he started fishing with chicken livers. I know...gross, but effective.

You can't really see how huge they were in the pictures, but you get the idea. Frightening.

Here's what P and I were doing while W fished in the frigid and piercingly cold wind.


  1. scary fish!

    aw that pic of you two is so presh. he has the sweetest expressions ever :)

  2. ew!!!! I really dont like catfish.

    But I agree with Ashley, I loooove that picture of you all!