Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

We had a nice day yesterday, beautiful 70 degree weather and W got home early from work. I made these "Break My Heart" Valentines for the boys. P's was filled with M&M's, he loved it! I made W's with these really delicious chocolate cherry swirl Dove chocolates. There is a tutorial HERE. The only thing I did differently was to reduce my stitch width for the perforation step so that it would tear a little easier.

We (generally) don't do big gifts at Valetine's Day, maybe a card or some candy and flowers. For W, I decided to make a really fantastic meal. I have to say, it might be one of the best meals I have ever made. We had lamb shank braised with rosemary, onions, carrots and white wine (recipe, Creating a Stir) because W LOVES lamb and we rarely buy nice cuts of meat like that. I also made Pioneer Woman's burgundy mushrooms (I 4th'd the recipe and it was still way more than we needed for two people). These were absolutely TO. DIE. FOR. Truly, the flavor is out of this world, and the broth...I have no words. You'll want to lap it right out of the pan. I combined it with some of the braising liquid to make a delicious sauce that I drizzled over the lamb, mushrooms and creamy mashed potatoes.

It was so good, but we were too full to eat after just a few bites and will be feasting on leftovers this week. This isn't a great picture, it was really dark!

W was so sweet, he gave me a beautiful fleur-de-lis necklace. I love it! It's such a symbol of New Orleans, something fun to remember this year by.


  1. wow that meal looks amazing chels! sounds like you had a great v-day :)

  2. um wow, I feel like that's my comment to every single one of your posts, haha. but for real that meal looks incredible. i want to see the necklace!