Monday, March 26, 2012

Celebrate Easter: Decorating Eggs with Toddlers

It's Easter week! (At least at our house!) A whole week...and maybe a bit more...of fun ideas and projects to celebrate Easter with the little guys (and gals of course).

Today is egg decorating with toddlers! While this idea may be a 'no-brainer' in some ways, it's super cheap and simple and even my 22 month old boy had fun with it!

This year, Baby P is big enough to enjoy crafts but definitely doesn't understand the concepts of spilling dye or fragile eggs and lacks the patience for time consuming projects. So I picked up a big bag of plastic eggs from Target. They were cheap and had great colors! Did you know that a lot of plastic eggs these days have pre-punched holes in case you want to make garlands or wreaths? Good thinking, Target!

After checking out the paints and glazes that would actually adhere to plastic, I decided I didn't want P's chubby fingers and potentially touching any of them. So I stopped by the Target scrapbooking section and found some fun stickers for 99 cents. I wanted relatively small ones with nice colors, my boy is animal crazy so we got the animals. Here's the label in case you want to find them. I went with a small size so that they wouldn't have to "crimp" too much when curved around the eggs.

Look at this concentration...

I handed him stickers one at a time and just let him decide where to put them. They turned out so cute! Of course my cool egg carton from Anthropologie helps too :).

(Love the idea of functional holes, but they do take away a bit from the "pretty")

Here are some variations on this project if you have older or more patient kids:
*wrap eggs in thread or yarn, secure with dabs of glue
*use glue and small scraps of tissue paper or fabric to cover eggs
*use construction paper and glue to make faces and hats

I'd love to see pictures if you made some fun, creative Easter eggs with your little guys! Click on the "You Sewed!" Flickr pool under the blog header and add photos, you can link up to your site in the photo description.

Happy Easter!


  1. awww P is so adorable in these pictures! something about his look of deep concentration reminds me of you :)

  2. So cute! The pic of P on the very right needs a caption, like "mkay I think they're perfect now" :-)