Monday, March 19, 2012

Where I've been the last two weeks...

So I've been quite the absentee blogger lately. Two weeks ago I was slammed with Easter orders on Etsy... fun stuff and lots more already on the cutting table for this week!

Then last week I left for a little trip to Charleston. The first few days, I visited with my 'book club girls." We all live in different cities, but we take turns choosing a book to read and a bottle of wine for everyone to try and then we meet up on skype group chat to discuss. It's a lot of fun.

It was a fun 'gal's weekend' (plus P and one of Emily's sweet girls). We did lots of talking and eating good food. Jane and Emily are both Mamas of two and it was great to be able to pick their brains about all kinds of things that they've already been through with their older children. I think it's invaluable to hang out with other families and see how they do things, it's not good to get stuck too much in one way of thinking (especially if it's something like "my way is the high way," I know I'm guilty of this at times).

It was a little chilly the first couple of days, but so nice to be out on the beach!

After the girls went home, my Mom and sister and her friend came down to meet me in Charleston. It was Chloe's spring break. The weather warmed up and was absolutely gorgeous!

We had a really great time, makes me excited to be back in KY in a few months!

Stay tuned for my upcoming Easter series, title TBA!

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  1. Sad I missed you at the beach, but I hope it was fun and relaxing for you! I love the wine + book idea..