Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Swim Time!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, perfect for the pool...then I remembered that P doesn't have a pair of swim trunks. He outgrew everything last year. During nap time, I sat down at the machine and whipped up a pair from a pattern I had drawn up about a month ago (traced from Target, Circo brand shorts). I've had shorts for P on my project list for a while now.

These are made out of a cotton/poly blend from Hancock's, love this fabric. It's kind of water repellent, stretchy and non-wrinkly. I did a simple casing with wide elastic then I quarter pinned, stretched out the elastic and sewed a few more rows of stitches to give it that waist band look and keep the elastic from flipping over. That's the worst!

Label in the back, plaid matches up (woot-woot). 

Flat felled seams on the sides for durability and cute factor...

Faux fly and button closure.

Little man who is never still... we are ready for the pool. 


  1. Cute- I love the contrasting button! I'd like to invite you to a blog series I'm hosting, but I can't find an e-mail for you! If you're interested, will you e-mail me at Thanks.

  2. Oh I just whipped these out during nap're so awesome!