Wednesday, June 27, 2012


My husband pulled in late Sunday night with a U-Haul full of things that I thought we needed but now I'm not so sure. You know how that is? Packing and unpacking really make you re-think what you need to live...for me unpacking is the worst. Maybe we should have just sent the whole "kit and kaboodle" to Goodwill. (Tangent: Whatever happened to Kaboodles?)

This is going to be P's bed and playroom, right now it's just the overflow of everything we don't have a place for yet. I've pinned some great inspiration photos on Pinterest, mixed in with a few other home ideas and some nursery pics. The color I picked out for the walls is gray with some blue undertones, I love it!

Empty moving truck: Check! Watermelon break: Check!

My sewing machine is sitting neglected on our kitchen table beside plastic boxes full of fabric just yearning to be shaped into something great!! Soon...I'll be back!

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