Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just Livin' Life

So for my blog, I usually share sewing projects and crafts and such--mixed in with a little bit of "being a mama." A friend, who shall remain nameless, recently asked me to post more about life and what's going on with the fam. A really good idea since I'm giant and I haven't been physically able lately to crawl around on the floor and cut out pattern pieces, but life is definitely moving on!

Here's P getting to know one of his newest buddies. He calls him "Wee-oh." That is not his name.

P was super sweet with the little man, he even shared one of his favorite toys, a solid metal tractor. Did I mention that he chucked it across the room  at  to him? No? Well...

Still, it gives me hope that when new baby gets here, P will be gentle and much as 2 year olds are able. Laying down beside rather than stepping upon a small baby is a great starting point!

My poor Dad (who has never been injured a day in his life) tore something in or around his achilles tendon. This meant a small operation, cast, boot, elevated leg, crutches, a scooter to keep him from weight bearing and my Mom's presence to keep him from doing things like re-shingling the roof while recuperating. We were all able to go out on the boat for a while this weekend. In this photo, P had just been instructing Grampa to "Share" the steering wheel... at least he gets the concept.

We've done a good bit of swimming this summer, it's fun to see P getting more comfortable in the water. He will even put his face partly underwater and blow bubbles!

This is possibly one of my favorite pictures of the year! The cousins together and all smiling, seems too good to be true!

One of my other favorite things: P learning to talk. He's very literal.

Duck=Quack (Photo below is P with his new friend 'Quack,' whom my Mom found at an antique store. He weighs about 20 pounds and has a brass beak. Cuddly.)

Monkey=Ooh Ah Ah

Horse=Neigh (This one sounds particularly realistic.)


Swings/Slides= Wee!

Car=Ride (He calls my car "Mama Ride," my husband wants to get me a personalized license plate. I said no.)

I love you/Where are you? = "Ah wah oo!"/"Ah wah oo?" (yes, they are the same)

Fork/Frog: F***

"No barking, Leo."= "No bahkin', Wee-oh!" (He's never heard me say this.)

That's enough for now! Hope you're having a good day!


  1. LOVE P's translation guide lol! Pics are adorable, I love seeing him together with "wee-oh". He's going to be a great older brother :)

  2. Love the pics!
    Baby V and P look like they were playing so good together!
    And yes I think you def need a license plate that says "MamaRide" haha
    Yes yes more life and fam posts please, feels like I'm there! :)