Thursday, August 2, 2012

Come Visit...

I shared a few weeks ago that I would be guest posting for Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy and Melly Sews for their "Sew in Tune" series. It's been really fun to see what all these creative Mamas have come up with so far and great to get some new ideas for boy projects. If you haven't already been following, take a look! My post is going up over at Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy this morning! Check it out, P and I had a lot of fun with this...there may even be a super simple, summer recipe involved.


  1. I'm discovering your blog for the first time, I came over from Boy, oh boy, oh boy for the Sew in Tune series. It's nice to meet you :)

  2. SUCH adorable pictures :) Also now I really want a milkshake...