Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Lately I have felt that people share a little too much personal info in their facebook status updates. I don't think you should announce to the web (read: potential stalkers) exactly where you are at a specific time, disturbing psychological comments, weird growths that you found on your feet because a piece of glass has been festering in there (I did NOT make that one up), among other things...

Recently, I've been made aware of a whole new realm of frighteningly informative facebook status updates. Childbirth. No, no, no, no No, NO!! Friends, let everyone know your child was born, healthy, boy or girl, what time, how big, all that jazz, but Lord in Heaven, please, spare us the specific details. True fact, here are two that I read just this week:

"It's a boy! [Name, weight, time] Mama did great. All natural, vaginal birth with no epidural."

"It's a girl! [Name, weight, time] A natural birth and right into her Mama's hands."

Ok, congratulations, love those babies...BUT I seriously cannot stop thinking about "right into her Mama's hands." Like, in labor you leaned over and pulled your own baby out? Sorry to drag you readers into this disturbing mental image with me, but just so not right. There's also a certain amount of pride attached to these statements: You are more awesome if you don't use anesthesia? Here's my philosophy.

Sin entered the world, pain entered the world. Childbirth became painful. Over thousands of years God has been constantly redeeming the world from sin...anesthesia is invented and redeems women from the pain of childbirth. Lay hold of the redemption that God offers to His people!!!

Moral of this story. Keep your medical history out of your FB status.

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  1. Um, I completely agree and thank you for writing this. Facebook is out of control!!! I think your tag is appropriate...

    PS- Love the new design