Friday, February 25, 2011

Brussel Sprouts...

Why do brussel sprouts have such a bad rep? As a kid, cartoons and such always portrayed brussel sprouts and lima beans as the worst, most disgusting thing your mom could possibly force you to eat. Well, I don't often eat lima beans, but they're ok and I've decided that brussel sprouts might be one of the best vegetables ever...if they're prepared the right way.

One of the most fabulous meals I've ever eaten (even including when I visited Paris, where the food was amazing) was at The Tulip here in town. It was a piece of peppercorn encrusted/wine and mushroom sauce drenched filet mignon with brussel sprouts. The brussel sprouts were drool-worthy...buttery...still a little crunch to them...oh, my...

Anyway, I have been cooking brussel sprouts a couple nights a week (I don't make my husband eat them every time because he's not a huge fan). Here is a super-easy, delicious recipe for brussel sprouts.

(serves 1)
8-10 brussel sprouts, cut in half (wimpy leaves removed)
1 or 2 pieces of bacon, crisp and crumbled OR several pieces of good quality, deli ham, chopped and browned OR something fancy like pancetta
butter (so much better than olive oil, which I have used before)
salt, pepper, chicken bouillon, a little water
delightful, creamy goat cheese (optional)

Decide whether you prefer bacon or ham, I actually like the ham a lot because it's quicker and a little less greasy. Last night, I only had bacon so that's what I used. Fry the bacon until crisp, remove from skillet and dispose of most of the bacon grease (all but maybe 1/2 tsp). Now add a dab of butter and the brussel sprouts, you want them to be browned and seared a bit before you add the rest of the ingredients. If you're using ham, add the butter and chopped ham together and brown a bit then just add the brussel sprouts directly (don't need to set aside the ham) and add more butter if needed. After the sprouts are a bit seared (2-3 minutes), add a 1/2 tsp of chicken bouillon (crystals or solid...) and one or two tablespoons of water. (put the bacon crumbles back in) Put a lid over and let them simmer for 3-5 minutes, the liquid should be mostly cooked down. Poke with a fork every so often, you don't want even a semblance of mushiness.

Next, dump them on a plate, season with salt and pepper and dot with goat cheese if you want. It's really good! If this is a meal by itself, add a quick fried egg and voila!

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  1. Yuuuum I love brussel sprouts, too! That recipe looks delish. If you put goat cheese on anything I'll eat it. There's so many new, amazing sounding restaurants in Lex!