Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

(Yes, I know this is posted on a Tuesday, but it should have been Monday)

1) Don't read Paris to Die For by Maxine Kenneth. I was completely sucked in by the intriguing description and interesting cover (I was shopping for real, paper books at Barnes and Noble, by the way). It was one of those books where you're sitting there thinking, "How in the heck did this get published?" The dialogue was terrible, the plot went nowhere, just bad, bad, bad.

2) Do read The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison. I've read a few of her books and there's something about them that I just really like. They do have a bit of fantasy woven throughout, but it's not over the top and I'm usually really hooked by the plots and characters. I started this at about 7:00 on Sunday night and didn't stop until I was finished at almost 1 am.
The Girl Who Chased the Moon: A Novel

3) I'm such a Gilmore Girls fan! I just want to watch them all the time and memorize the lines and be friends with Lorelai and Rory and live in Stars Hollow...Anyway, I saw that a new show is coming out called Jane by Design on ABC family by the same executive producer as the Gilmore Girls, I don't have hopes that it will measure up, but...maybe the witty dialogue and endearing characters will carry over? A girl can dream.

4)  Moving to NOLA has been really great, but one thing that is sadly lacking is Panera. The closest one is an hour away and it hasn't been built yet. :( I really miss the bagels and the coffee and it was such a nice place for a quick, casual breakfast. Well, I was a little homesick Saturday morning (when W is home on Saturdays, we would often go to Panera for breakfast) and crying and moping around the house, so we decided to get in the car and find a good breakfast place. Driving...driving...no luck, close, just beignets, yuck, fast food, $$$$$$, when suddenly we see a little place called La Madeleine. W makes a quick left turn and we are rejoicing to see "Coffee, Pastries, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner" when we see the blue lights behind us. We've made an illegal left turn. Awesome! Thankfully, W has a good record, we still have our KY license plates and the police office let us off with a "Watch what you're doing, sir." This morning could only go up from here, so we walk into La Madeleine and it's soooo cute! Country french decor, yummy looking pastries and muffins, fresh fruit, omelettes and more! It's casual too, you can either order at a counter or order from a menu and sit down. The coffee was just ok, the NO'ians tend to put chicory in their coffee (more on that later). It could be our new Panera, but with crepes!

 5) I know I already mentioned breakfast, but here is another little place we found that we looove. It's actually not just breakfast, they have a great lunch menu too and lots of creole and cajun options. It's the Broken Egg Cafe, about 30 minutes away in Mandeville, so it's kind of a special occasion place.  Can't wait to go there with girl friends when they come to visit :)

My friend Hannah and her incredible looking (and low fat/sugar free) stuffed french toast.

Baby P was mad here because the little half 'n' half cannister he'd been
chewing on, popped open in his face. It was very, very funny.

Super cute inside, it's an old house just a little ways up the street from Lake Pontchartrain.

My eggs benedict!!

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