Friday, September 2, 2011

Pattern Review: McCall's 4756

McCall's 4756
Size CCB (1, 2, 3, 4)
Contains boys shortall, boys overall, girls A-Line top (with or without sleeves), girls pants or capris and optional "chick" applique

Description and My Experience:

I recently made the boy shortall in size 2 and the girl A-line top, also in a size 2. I was very pleased with how the shortall turned out ( I did make a few minor alterations, see "What You Should Know About McCall's 4756). It's simple and relatively easy to put together. Because the straps attach on the inside of the "bib," you can easily add some length to the straps for adjustment later as your child grows. I also really like that there is a long-all option. It makes this pattern season friendly. The crotch is finished with bias tape and the directions indicate using snap tape, but I sewed on my bias tape then applied snaps with a snap setter. (You'll see in the pictures I used leftover white bias strips, I should have made some matching).

The girls top was a little more challenging to sew and I chose a fabric that was a little difficult to work with. Flannel. I like that there a few different finishing options- sleeveless, short sleeved, button choices, applique, pants or capris. It would be easy to add ruffles to the bottom of the pants. I also think if you made the shirt in a heavier fabric like corduroy, it would be very cute for the fall over a turtleneck and leggings. The directions are very clear and make the finishing easy (when you don't skip steps like I might have accidentally).

 The pattern includes directions to top stitch all around the edges of the top. I liked the look of a double line so I also sewed around the bottom hem twice for continuity.

Directions are included for trimming with ric-rac around neck and hem, I used leftover bias tape that I had on hand and added some bright orange stitching.

Things You Should Know About McCall's 4756:

1) Once or twice I looked at a direction and thought, "Ok...and then what?" I would say just read through the whole thing before you start sewing and if you're new to sewing and a step doesn't make sense, bother a friend and have them explain.

2) The cutting guide for the back neck facing on the girls shirt, is the same piece for all sizes. There is the difference of one or two millimeters between each size. It is important that this difference carries over when you cut your fabric. I had to re-cut this piece becaues it was just a millimeter too big and would not lay flat when I turned it to the inside.

3) Use fusible interfacing for the straps if you are sewing with a very lightweight material like seersucker. (Even though the pattern doesn't call for it.) It wouldn't hurt to also use it to reinforce the buttons and button holes.

4) The width of the overalls can be a problem in this pattern. Toddlers are usually moving around more and starting to slim down in the belly and thigh regions :). I made a size 2 for my 15 month old, he is shorter but has a very long torso. The size 2 fit well in crotch length, but it was "unwearably" wide. I ended up taking it in about an inch on each side. I would say try it on your child before sewing up the sides if possible.

5) Stitch in the ditch in the seam under the arms of the boys shortie and overall to keep the lining from pulling out when washing. The bobbin thread will show on the inside, but top thread is totally hidden on the outside.

Here's McCall's 4756, boys shortall, size 2
Blue, white, and lime stretch seersucker (great fabric by the way, it washes so well and doesn't wrinkle), quilter's cotton lining, white 3/4" buttons. All supplies from Hancock's.

Sewed on my Pfaff, love that integrated differential feed!

Plenty of room for the ol' diapered rump!

I recently completed the full length boys overall for fall. It turned out great! I decided to line them fully so that they would be reversible and not to include the snap crotch closure. I also added a turkey applique.

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