Thursday, September 29, 2011

Great Christmas Gift Idea

I recently discovered the cute blog "Noodlehead." The author, Anna, has lots of great tutorials that are super clear and really well photographed. I recently discovered THIS ONE in my search for Christmas gift ideas, in hopes that this year I'm going to be really organized and NOT sew like a mad woman the last few weeks of December. We shall see.

Anyway, here's my first attempt. I used Anna's tutorial for a zipper makeup pouch (still need to add the zipper pull and my sewing label to the inside) and also used some embroidery (inspired by Doodle Stitching).

I think it turned out well and I'm going to make a few more!

I used inexpensive, rough muslin for the outside, some of my favorite scrap fabric from the scrap bag for the middle section (it always delights me to pull out little pieces of a print that I loved), and a bright orange zipper to close the top. Anna's tutorial calls for quilt batting, but I used fusible fleece. There is a surprise pop of polka dots in the lining--there's something fun about an unexpected bag lining. I love the way these pouches stand up on their own, the little boxed corners make that magic happen.

I might fill these with some candy or homemade goodies or make-up/perfume samples or a handmade pair of earrings...the possibilities are endless (as long as said possibilities are smaller than a bread basket i.e. the pouch). I think they will make sweet gifts!

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