Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Fall

It's turning a little cooler here so we can get outside and enjoy ourselves! Baby P is getting big enough to really enjoy playgrounds. We started on the swings, it's always more fun with Papa!

This was P's first time on a slide! How cute is that, this might be one of my favorite pictures!

I also wanted to make a little something "fallish" for our front door. I stretched some rough muslin on an embroidery hoop and hand stitched the pumpkins, simple border and FALL with embroidery floss.  

I decided at the end that it needed a little something. I pulled out the scrap bag and snipped out some leaf shapes, placed them sort of randomly then stitched some stems and veins to keep them on. I liked the crinkly look and I pulled up some of the leaves that are on the bottom so that they would have a little more dimension.

This is allright on the door, but I think it would be cute propped in a kitchen window. I love the idea of stitching pumpkins and leaves to a table runner for a fun Thanksgiving tablescape.


  1. What a cute idea, I would never have thought of adding the stiched hoop on a door. It looks great. Kathy

  2. Very Cute. I do love the idea of using a hoop instead of a wreath.