Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A little teaser...

I'm working on Baby P's Halloween costume today and I'm thrilled with how it's turning out!

Would you like a hint?

Yep! He's going to be Peter Pan! W is going to make him a play sword and everything. I'm considering a Tinker Bell costume for our dog Leo.

Leo, all 80 pounds of him, should make a perfect Tink. He's so dainty. Hee hee. The church is having a "Trunk or Treat" on Sunday night and the cars are supposed to be decorated/themed. I think we will go with Never Never Land, although I have zero ideas at the moment, I figure having an 80 pound black lab dressed as Tinker Bell (not to mention a super cute, baby Pan) will distract from the potential "non-wow" of my trunk decor.

This is what Baby P does when I try to give him kisses. I hope that continues with all the girls for a really long time.

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