Monday, October 3, 2011

Boo hoo...

No, this is not a Halloween post. I am in mourning.

Here is my baby on Saturday morning.

And here's my baby on Saturday afternoon...see what's happening here?!?

I'm just smiling here to keep from glaring at the woman cutting off my baby's crazy curls. I have to say that she was kind of amazing at cutting kid hair. She managed not to cut him while also NOT cutting off pieces of her own hands. After seeing this process, I was validated in my decision not to attempt P's first haircut myself. Now, I am convinced not to attempt it until he's old enough to bribe or threaten into absolute stillness. He was really good though, even when she brought out the clippers and hairdryer.

He looks so big without the wild locks sticking out around his ears.

He's still a baby.

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