Monday, October 17, 2011

My Sewing Area

So I recently found No Big Dill's "Never Enough Orange Sewing Room Reveal" and I was drooling. It is amazing! I love her ideas and how creative and eclectic it looks. I'm all about eclectic decorating. We are renting a little place in New Orleans while my husband is finishing school. We have the space we need, but not enough for a sewing room! I consider a sewing room a true luxury, maybe one day...

For now, the dining room table is my "sewing room." Our living room and dining room are combined so it makes it easy for me to sew and watch Baby P while he plays in the living room, but it makes it a little tough to sit down for family dinner when the table is covered with pins, buttons, and fabric scraps. Here was my "Sewing Room" yesterday.

Yes! My poor fabric stash has been living in a plastic box in my closet or under the table if I'm in the midst of a project. Here's the only part of my sewing area that I'm proud of!

        This is my third baby. (Hubby and Baby P are obviously top of the list). I kept all the original packaging (styrofoam and box and everything) and when we moved back in the summer, I packed her up and made sure she had a safe place in the back of my car. No moving van for this lady!

        So, given my limited space and my need to have all my sewing supplies near where I will be sewing...I decided to clean out this cabinet that I have by the front door. It's a yard sale find from a few years ago. I snagged it for $20 and after a little sanding and refinishing, I love the way it looks. I've been keeping placemats, chargers, cloth napkins and paper products in it, kind of a waste of space. So I cleaned out all the junk and was left with this.

        I also wiped down the inside with a little white vinegar, it had a musty smell and I didn't want musty fabric. And yes, there is a random square cut out of the bottom.

        Here is most of my sewing stuff all organized and put away! The plastic box contains all my trims, buttons, needles, etc... and my thread and clothing labels are above that. The fabric on the left is apparel (seersucker, shirting, corduroy, denim...) and the pile on the right is all quilters cotton. I'd like to get some shelving that I can stick in to help me keep things organized, but I've had a hard time finding exactly what I want. Maybe a specialty closet store? Most of my patterns are in the plastic file box. I also have a reusable shopping bag that I'm going to slip right in the front (over the hole) to keep my partially completed projects in order. All my jersey and home decor weight cotton is staying in a large plastic box in the bottom of my bedroom closet. I only use those things on occasion.

Now maybe we can eat dinner at the table tonight like civilized human beings :).

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