Thursday, May 10, 2012

If you haven't noticed...

I'm sure you regular followers of my blog (all 10 of you, you are each fully appreciated) have noted that the tunic top tutorial was on my homepage for about 10 days. Sorry...I know I'm always a little disappointed to see the same post for days and weeks at a time on my favorite blogs. I can't wait to see what they will post next, new ideas, projects or cute kid pics. We've been traveling and so I'll be back in the groove in a few days. Those lace shorts I've been talking about are done and I will post a soon, along with how to make those 'secret fit' belly panels for maternity garb. I've done two practice versions and they are super comfy and I love them!! Maybe I'll do a "Get Your Bump On" Series. Haha! 

I've also got some baby and toddler sewing projects with summer and July 4th flavors have been fermenting. You know all the best things in life have to ferment for a Ultra with Lime...

See you soon! Happy Spring!

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