Monday, May 14, 2012

Vacation in Review

We had a really nice time visiting friends and family last week. I'm pretty sure P's face says it all! He literally went from truck to tractor to boat (which he calls "Bope") the whole time we visited and was completely spoiled by the grandparents and "Auntie Coco and Uncle Back."

We got to visit with friends and get the babies together, finally meeting C's Baby V, there's nothing I love better than a sweet smelling, solid chunk of baby boy! And guess what?! This group is going to increase by three before the year is over. There are three more babies due by the fall-two boys and one undecided :). I'm anticipating lots of trouble once all these boys are here and figure out they outnumber the mamas, good thing there is at least one sweet girl to keep them on the right side of civilized.

Oh, Curious George, we love you, especially at Chic-Fil-A...

And of course we love fried green tomato BLT's from Stella's...

And fun times with good friends...

And the best birthday cake in the world!! The same lady who made our wedding cake made this, it was amazing. Notice how Grammy is afraid P is going to burn his face on those candles.

I just realized half of my vacation memories are food related...but that's just the way it is I guess! Yours would be too if you had gotten any of this cake before we devoured it.


  1. Memories of food = A great trip in my book!

    I feel like the next post I see with pics of P he is going to be a teenager. Such a big boy!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love the pics!!