Tuesday, October 5, 2010


             So, this weekend, I went to watch the cross country event at the World Equestrian Games with my Mom and some friends. The weather was gorgeous, really chilly in the morning but sunny and 70's with a cool breeze in the afternoon. I love the fall! There are about 25 jumps and they were all spread out across the Horse Park. We didn't see all of them, but it was neat to be in an area where there were 2 or 3 in a row. Like this:

            I always forget how amazing and beautiful and huge horses are, even though we had them and rode all growing up. Made me miss it! Although not the mucking stalls or breaking ice on water buckets on frigid winter mornings...

and he's gone...

              You can't even imagine how impressive these horses are, and they have to be really tall and in amazing shape because the course is soo long and challenging. Some of the jumps were like 4-5 feet wide. Like this one...

Craziness... this one was taken by a friend that came with us.

 Here's the same jump and horse taken by me, can you even imagine?
What if he didn't have enough momentum?!?

                 The jumps were all named after Kentucky places or things you might find on a farm or in nature. The long series of pics at the top is Fort Boonesborough, the one above is Hayfeeders and the one below....I don't know the name, but I'd definately expect to find it in nature.

I think that might have been the squirrel that destroyed our beautiful pumpkins. (more on that later!)

                  It was really interesting to see all the horse people from different countries and the wide array of clothing. There were people in athletic gear (like running tops, shoes and stretch pants--probably Americans). There were people like us in jeans and medium dressy shirts and comfy shoes for walking. There were serious horse people in riding clothes, vests, boots, etc... and then there were the dressed up people--jeans with blazers (probably foreign or own a big horsefarm). It wasn 't what I expected after going to Keeneland and seeing the Derby and all that, but very fun! There was a really neat shopping area with fancy horse stuff, Kentucky crafts, food (not great) and other things. I'm totally amazed at what the organizers had to do to get ready for an event with this many spectators and competitors (horses, horse accomodations, riders, handlers, owners, trainers...). I know some people who've been planning for the past 3 or 4 years for this, they're having a party and planning a long vacation after this week!

           We had a good time watching the events and visiting with our friends. Overall a really different and fun way to enjoy the lovely fall weather!



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