Monday, October 25, 2010

Making my Monday a little brighter...

Spinach, Ham, Cheddar and Chevre Omelet
You'll need:
    two eggs
    milk or half 'n' half
    ham (I use deli honey ham)
    a slice of sharp cheddar
    a bit of goat cheese/chevre
    a big handful of baby spinach
    a small bowl and fork or
    a small omelet pan
    a spatula
    a plate

I like to keep my breakfast to one pan so I start by melting a half a tablespoon to a tablespoon of butter in a small omelet pan. Add a slice or two of ham and the spinach -keep the heat low. This looks like a lot of spinach but it cooks down significantly.

Meanwhile, slightly beat the eggs and a little milk or half 'n' half together. 

Turn the ham and stir the spinach. It cooks quickly this way and is much better than putting cold ingredients into the omelet--that always results in overcooked eggs.


Put the ham and spinach to the side while you cook your eggs.


Pour the beaten eggs and milk or cream into the same omelet pan (still on low/medium heat) and cover. If too hot, the bottom will burn and you'll have lots of raw eggs on top. Depending on your temperature, this could take 5-10 minutes. Turn up the edge to check. The less raw egg left on top, the better looking your omelet will be and it's also much easier to flip.


Here, the eggs are easily separating from the pan. Loosen them around the edges with a spatula, shake the omelet loose with a circular motion then flip it. You can also try to flip with the spatula but will probably have holes.


This is far from a perfect flip, but it's good enough for government work or a Monday morning breakfast. Using butter may give you a little brown color, cooking spray is also an option.


Immediately after flipping, top half of the omelet with the cheddar, ham and spinach, then the chevre crumbles on top of that. The cheese will be melted on both sides by the hot eggs. The second side only takes a minute or two so try to do this quickly. Fold the eggs over then dump it on a plate and sprinkle with a little salt and pepper.


Yum! Tangy, creamy chevre...melty, sharp cheddar...delicious sauteed spinach (lots of good vitamins)...a little sweet ham...and of course the incredible, edible egg... What a fabulous combination! My husband loves this omelet as well and it can be a great, quick dinner with some fruit or a salad. Omelets are also a great way to use odds and ends of leftover ingredients from the fridge or pantry. You could start by frying up some bacon then adding chopped onions of any kind, mushrooms, thin slices of potato, asparagus, and topping off with cheese (again any kind of cheese will work). Shredded leftover chicken with cheese, and a couple spoonfuls of salsa would be a yummy Mexican omelet. The possibilities are endless...