Monday, October 18, 2010

The things I have to do to get out of the house...

             With a baby, leaving the house is not simple. In fact, it should be an Olympic event. Unlike the days of slinging on some clothes, swiping on some mascara, grabbing my keys and running out the door, it's a combination of juggling a 9 pound carseat with a 14 pound baby in it (that's 23 pounds for us non-math peeps), plus all his gear, my purse, phone, and whatever else is necessary for where we are going.

Baby P's gear:
diaper bag stocked with:
       -3 or 4 diapers (I've tried leaving the house with just 2 and it was NOT good)
       -wipes (lots!! for the obvious uses and the not so obvious-wiping P's hands after crazy
        people touch them, cleaning our clothes after Baby P spits up on both of us, cleaning
        the carseat in case of a diaper mishap, cleaning gunk off the car cupholders...)
       -a change of clothes for Baby P
       -spare burp cloths
       -changing mat so that Baby P's cute little hiney won't touch anything dirty...or is it
        so that he won't get clean things dirty with his cute little or the other
pacifiers (2: one on a strap attached to his shirt and one in a pouch on his carseat in case
        of disaster, i.e. losing the shirt paci)
blanket (in case it's cold inside or outside)
nursing cover (if nursing)
toy  (if Baby P is going to be awake and needs to be entertained)
if staying at the grandparents:
         bottle, frozen milk
         thick blanket for playing on the floor
         bouncy seat or play mat
         books (don't laugh, my 4 month old loves to read)
         Kindle (oh, wait, that's my thing...)

All of this to say, I love that big huge purses are in style! Speaking of, I think I need a new one...

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  1. just reading that made me tired....but that said, pack up everything and come visit me :)