Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two Disclaimers and One Observation

1) Do not read Voyager, the third book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. It is hideous.

2) Do not order anything from Pepper Kids . W ordered an amazing bracelet for my birthday (two months ago) and it never came. I emailed them about it and got this response.

Hi Chelsea, Thanks for contacting us. We are sorry about the misssing package
and will send out a new bracelet asap this week.


Still waiting...

It's been 5 weeks since that email...

Missing package? Sounds like you never sent it...

I still want the daggum bracelet because I love it...

3) I think Starbucks sells coffee by describing it in language that people can relate to in a personal way.

large image
House Blend: "Well-Balanced and Lively." Seriously...
isn't everyone trying to be responsible and grounded,
yet fun, spontaneous and entertaining at the same time?
large image
Breakfast Blend: "Crisp and Tangy."
Who doesn't want to be Crisp and Tangy?
You Certainly don't want to be the opposite:
"Soggy and Bland."
Starbucks Coffee - Medium Roast, Ground, Costa Rica Tarrazu - 12 oz
Here's the Costa Rica Tarrazu that I drink. I was inexplicably drawn to it and it really is my favorite now. "Tangy, Elegant and Refreshing." Yep, me and Audrey Hepburne.


  1. You should keep harassing them about your bracelet, that's ridic! And I wanna try that coffee.

  2. I'm with Ashley about annoying them everyday- since I don't have a job, I will offer to call and yell at them for you. I'll pretend to be your assistant.