Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Sewing For Boys" Follow-Up

I had a couple questions from a loyal reader (my friend H ;) about the Sewing for Boys book that I posted about HERE. A few more facts:

1) This book has contains 24 different patterns! That's a great value, one book, 24 patterns, 24 sets of great directions and tons of new techniques and basics that you'll use again.

2) The clothes featured in this book are wearable and they look like boys clothes-not girly.  Some are really simple (like sweat pants and raglan t's) and some are for special occasions. There are sizes 0-6 for a few things, but most are size 2-7. That's a lot of years to cover in one book! A lot of years when boys are rolling around in the dirt...a lot of ruined clothes needing replacement...

3) I like how the book is organized. It's "A Year in the Life of a Boy." The first four chapters are the four different seasons, with 4 clothing projects in each season-from a great pair of PJ's to swim trunks to a reversible coat to a hooded pullover. Everything has directions for beautiful, professional finishing, but the book is still really practical. The fifth is all fun things: a playmat with a racetrack, a lego carrying kit and more. The last chapter shows you some techniques for recycling old t-shirts: applique to cover up stains, fishing hat, patchwork blanket. Tons of great ideas!

So, if you have any other questions just post a comment! I am going to be working on a super lightweight spring/fall jacket for P using this book so I will post that soon!

If you haven't already, get on over to Project Run and Play to see the great designs for Boys Week!

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