Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pattern Review: Burda 9990

Burda 9990
Size A (2, 3 4,  5, 6, 7, 8)
Boys pant (three length options) and vest.

Description and My Experience:

I've been needing a good, basic pants pattern for a while. You know, one with pockets, button/zip fly, belt loops, cuffs- all those little details that add interest and an alternative to elastic for boys pants and shorts! These are really simple, classic looking pants and shorts. You could do them in lightweight fabrics for spring and summer or heavier for fall and winter. It would also be pretty simple to make them flat front although I like a little added volume.

I chose the size 2, mid-calf length short. Overall, I liked this pattern and will use it again (with my notes beside me). The instructions are a tad 'underexplained' at times and the cutting lines were a little difficult to follow.  The finishing instructions are ok (more on this in "Things You Should Know"). You need some prior knowledge to finish this garment perfectly on the inside as well as the outside.  I found the illustrations very helpful. This is a pretty simple pattern, the only challenge is the zip fly. I got this pair done (minus the hem) in the space of one nap :), about 2 1/2 hours. Not too bad!

(I left off the belt loops, changed the waist band and cuffs since I'm planning to do something interesting with these shorts...hopefully interesting and not dumb looking :)

Things You Should Know about Burda 9990:
1) You need to be at least an experienced intermediate sewist to navigate this pattern. The instructions on attaching the zipper and figuring out the self-facings are not very helpful unless you have done it before, I'd suggest finding a tutorial online somewhere (or instructions from another pattern) and using that to fill in the gaps.

2) While the finishing on the outside of the garment looks professional, the finishing instructions do leave something to be desired.
A couple of things that stuck out to me:
      -Most patterns remind you to finish the raw edges of self facings before putting
       in zippers or button holes or whatever, this one did not.
      -It would be a good idea to finish the raw edges of the pocket/hip yoke before  
      attaching the front and back pieces of the pant together at side seams. You could  
      probably get away with just pinking these, but I hate seeing a mess of raveling
      threads every time I look inside a garment.

3) When you start cutting, beware!

4) Next time, I want to add topstitching to reinforce my seams on the sides and rise (front and back). That's not included in this pattern and to topstitch the rise youwould have to change the order of the directions a bit.

If you have used this pattern! Leave your comments.

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  1. hi, I'm sekinah from Nigeria, Africa. I bought this pattern2 years ago and was shocked to discover there's no English translation of its instructions in it! ever since, ive been looking for how to translate from French to English. my son has almost out- grown the size now ! I even joined burda style community but I got no reply till date. goole translator hasn't been as precise as I would like. PLEASE CAN YOU KINDLY HELP