Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Post Christmas: Wins and Fails

So I posted HERE about the Christmas PJ's I made for P and my little niece and the Santa suit for my nephew HERE.

P's PJ's turned out super cute and warm and comfy. I'm already thinking about what kind of PJ's I want to do for next year. Win! The fun slide from Grammy and Grampa was a win too, obviously.

I got to see my nephew in his Santa costume! He looked adorable, what a sweet face. Win!

Ouma and Oupa gave P a rockstar Elmo. Major win! I missed the picture of him giving Elmo a huge hug!

This is the nightie for my niece, made out of a beautiful, soft Moda flannel. Big, fat FAIL. The head/neck opening didn't open quite wide enough for her sweet baby head.  I'm going to see if I can add a snap closure somewhere, I guess maybe there's a reason why everything you buy for little ones have those built in. But, when you start experimenting with your own patterns sometimes things don't fit exactly right! Good thing I've got a really good, sharp stitch ripper :).

Trying to get P to sit in Santa's lap on Christmas Eve?


Ha! I mean fail! He gets so excited about seeing Santa in pictures and books, but real Santa is SCARY! He was completely terrified! We had a great Santa, by the way, so it was all P.

Seeing everyone in paper party popper hats (say that five times fast). Win!


Spending time with family...

Seeing this sweet face every day...



  1. loved these pics, chels! BabyP is too adorable :) Glad you had a great Christmas!

  2. aw these pics made me so happy, Baby P is the cutest thing ever :) the santa pic hahaha poor thing!